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Boom Jag 4.2 V8                  

Great team work with 'The Innovation Wizard' Keith Roberts.

V8 Camper Van, ongoing....

Back on the project list due to recent changes in special categories for SVA.

Boom Hearse

Great team work with 'The Innovation Wizard' Keith Roberts.

Billy Connolly helps trike business Boom!

WHEN some men hit their mid-life crisis, they often buy a Harley Davidson and a set of leathers — but you can still follow in the footsteps of the rich and famous on three wheels, rather than two.

Scottish comedian Billy Connolly was one of the first in the country to buy a trike from Worsley firm Boom Trikes (UK).

Boom Trikes is run by Antony Cummings, of Smithills, who are the sole UK agents for the German made three-wheelers.

They set up the company in Chaddock Lane 11 years ago, and in 2001, Billy Connolly bought the third bike they sold to use in a TV series after spotting the machine in a brochure.

According to Mr Cummings, the Scottish comedian keeps the trike, which he used to film his touring Britain and Ireland TV series, at his Scottish home.

Mr Cummings said: “I know he still has the bike because he told my cousin, Angela, who is married to Bolton playwright Jim Cartwright.

“They live on the Maltese island of Gozo, right next door to Billy Connolly, and they ended up talking about his trike.

“Now he’s bought another Boom trike, from the American importers, because he lives mainly over there now, for his forthcoming Route 66 programme”

The company mainly deals in Boom Trikes, and one of the customers was the founder of Bank Top Brewery, John Feeney.

It also produces one-off customised trikes for special orders and hires out trikes.

Mr Cummings said: “We are the exclusive importers, sales and service for Boom Trikes who have been established 25 years.

“We also make specials on commission. For example we are making a supercharged Jaguar 4.2 litre trike for a chap in Cheshire.

“The Route 66 TV coverage will be very good publicity for Boom Trikes UK and should hopefully turn into a lot of sales for us.”

Like many firms, the recession has hit sales but they have weathered the storm and now businesses is improving.

● Billy Connolly will be travelling the world’s most famous highway, Route 66, in a new four part series by for ITV1.

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