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Mustang 2.0lt Turbo (200 HP)

Boom Low Rider copy: Service

MUSTANG 2,0 l Turbo 200 HP

The trike-manufactory BOOM TRIKES makes the pulse of friends of the hot tires accelerate with the introduction of the fastest standard trike in the world.

With the new 2.0 litre turbo engine, the Mustang ushers a new era in the trike sector. It is the world´s fastest standard trike with a max. speed  of 235 km/h. 235 km/h are an announcement, that does not leave anybody cold. The BOOM newcomer will be clear up with the prejudge of many a biker, that trikes are slowly chugging through the landscape. Nevertheless, it also possible to cruise relaxed with 200 HP.

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