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FAQS Licensing Laws

What are the driving  licence laws For Tricycles

From April 10th 2014 you can ride any trike on CAT A Bike and

CAT B Car Licence

From January 19th 2013 to 9th April 2014 you require CAT A Bike Licence to ride a trike. Except for special discompastion for disabled persons


On 19 January 2013 the European Union Third Directive on driving licences came into force. All new driving licences from this date have to meet the terms of the Directive. The changes will mainly affect tricyclecyclists, motorcyclists, lorry, bus and minibus drivers and those who tow trailers.

I made the word tricyclecyclists based on motorcyclists'

A better word is Trikecyclists or better still Trikers

From years ago to 18th January 2013 you require CAT B CAR Licence


Lembit Opik

The Instigator of the Leglistration

Rick Hulse



Additional UK Legislation regarding trikes

that has only recently come to our attention in 2017:

All of this information above relates to the 3rd European Licensing Directive, which came into force on January 19th 2013. 

However, in late November 2017 we were informed that a piece of UK legislation had been implemented on 10/04/2014, which allows any person over the age of 21 who holds a full Category B (car) licence (irrespective of disabilities or what year they passed the full Category B test)) can ride any size of trike within UK territory. 
NB.  It should be stressed that this legislation is only valid within UK territories.  Elsewhere in Europe the 3rd Directive rules apply as implemented on 19/01/ 2013.

Quite why the NABD were not informed of this piece of legislation after us being so heavily involved the European legislative change, is a mystery to us.  Perhaps the fact that this legislation was implemented at the same time as VOSA being wound-up and/or amalgamated with the DSA to form the DVLA has something to do with this terrible lack of communication and courtesy from the authorities we have always endeavoured to work with in the past.

Our thanks go to Anthony Cummings of Trikes UK Ltd (formerly Boom Trikes) for bringing this important piece of legislation to light and bringing it to our attention.

Thankyou Rick Hulse, chairman of the NABD and Compare of The Slapped Arse Comedy Show. 

I found the link to the actual legislation, but cannot find any reference to restrictions  to UK only. I do think it rather strange that a UK trike rider cannot ride in Europe. Perhaps the nice chap at the DVLA was mis-informed?

The nice chap at the DVLA went the extra mile and now the DVLA website is updated.

DVLA have updated their website to state you can ride a trike with car licence if over 21

Category B - if you passed your test on or after 1 January 1997
You can drive vehicles up to 3,500kg MAM with up to 8 passenger seats (with a trailer up to 750kg).

You can also tow heavier trailers if the total MAM of the vehicle and trailer isn’t more than 3,500kg.

You can drive motor tricycles with a power output higher than 15kW if you are over 21 years old.

Physically disabled drivers with provisional category B entitlement will also have provisional entitlement to ride category A1 or A motor tricycles.

Able-bodied drivers can no longer ride motor tricycles with a provisional category B licence.

Watch this space for updates.



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