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Mustang Family Technical Data



Engine 4-cylinder in-line engine with controlled catalytic converter


Power from 110 HP (81 kW) to 140 HP (103 kW)


Gears (see page 10)


Max. speed from 160 km/h to 180 km/h  (depending on motorization)


Fuel consumption/Range approx. 5 -10 l/100 km / 350 - 600 km (depending on motorization)


Type of fuel Super unleaded 95 ROZ or E10


Fuel capacity 38 l


Frame 2-parted tubular frame, steel, bolted


Body Wear-resistant


GRP Dry weight approx. 653 kg to 745 kg  (depending on equipment)


Gross vehicle weight 1.000 kg to 1.100 kg (depending on model)


Vehicle load capacity approx. 280 kg  (depending on model and equipment)


Towing capacity 326 kg to 383 kg (depending on model)


Dimensions  (depending on model and equipment)

Length 3.675 - 3.875 mm

Width 1.680 - 1.945 mm (depending on tyres)

Height 1.350 mm


No. of seats 3


Service interval every 10.000 km


Guarantee 2 years

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