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Mustang Basic Equipment

Mustang Advance

Mustang Ultimate



It’s the basic version, without any extras, however since 2016 with serial big trunk and Bilstein  suspension, wide-base tyres, and much more.  A comprehensive standard equipment!


Advance  It’s our most chosen version with numerous extras. The Advance version offers a top price-performance ratio!


Ultimate  It’s our full equipment with all extras! (excluding individual extras). Attention: No other trike manufacturer worldwide has such a comprehensive full equipment  package like BOOM with alloy chassis, Jet Light system, Liftomatic, premium VDO instruments and much more.



Frame: Plastic coated with car standards (salt spray test 600 h).

Increased corrosion protection by 4-phases handling.

Thick wall-thickness.

Buckling resistant and optimal riding quality.


Electro-safe: Waterproof and neatly stored electronic.


Handbrake: Faced with stainless steel  and stainless steel grip.


Attachment parts: Over 50 new stainless steel parts instead of galvanized or coated parts, as stainless steel tank, expansion tank, engine holder, gear box holder, engine facing, coolant facing, handbrake facing, air shields, miscellaneous small parts as well as all mounting parts.


Chassis: Alloy semi-trailing link axle with adjustable Bilstein threaded suspension and 3 selectable springs: soft, medium, hard.


Modern instrument cockpit: Digital display of all necessary information, with diode technique.


All models are prepared for ABS, which is available for an extra charge. The Ultimate has ABS as standard and the Basic and Advance models can be retrofitted later.

Big trunk: for Mustang, Mustang Xtreme and Mustang Family.

Wide-base tyres:

Rear 295/50 with rim protection on 10x15 rims.


•  GRP-bodywork with big trunk


•  Comfort fork Ø 48 mm with 2 Koni gas-pressurised  shock absorbers


•   10 different standard colours,  painted in gel coat technique


• Sport seats with lateral hold, waterproof


•  Front wheel 170/60-17 on 5,00x17 alloy rim,  Compressor design, chrome


•  Rear wheels 295/50 on 10x15 alloy rims,  whole pattern design, chrome


• Modern rear alloy chassis


• Bilstein gas-pressurised shock absorbers


•  Brake and clutch1 pedal in black


•  Quick adjustment of clutch1 pedal (1 not applicable on automatic models)


• Exhaust system Sport 4in1, polished stainless steel


• Dual-circuit integral brake system


• Brake booster, front and rear disc brakes


• Headlights bracket in polished stainless steel


• 2 additional headlights mounted on the fork


•  Sport Touring handlebars in polished stainless steel,  Ø 22 mm


• Hazard warning lights


•  Instruments unit with speedometer, revolution counter, trip recorder, voltmeter, water temperature gauge, clock


• Vehicle tool kit, first-aid kit with warning triangle • Waterproof electro-safe


• Chrome grips, chrome pedal linings


• Rearview mirror chromed


• Passenger arm rests


•  Handbrake faced with stainless steel  and stainless steel grip


• Preparation for navigation system


• 12 V socket


• ABS prepared


• Automatic brake proportioning front and rear wheels


• Steel braided brake lines


• Warning waistcoat

ADVANTAGE EQUIPMENT “ADVANCE” Includes “Basic” equipment and additionally:

•  Exhaust system 4in4, polished stainless steel


•  Leg protection bar and luggage rack, polished stainless steel, Ø 60 mm


• Stabiliser (rear axle)


•  Comfort fork Ø 60 mm, polished stainless steel with 2 Koni  shock absorbers


• Main headlights, design "Bullet"


• Additional headlights 6,5“


•  High performance brake system (rear) with ventilated brake discs and big brake calipers


•  Front wheel 200/50-17 on 5,50x17 alloy rim, Shark design chrome 


Rear wheels 295/50-15 on 10x15 alloy rims, Shark design chrome


•  BOOM rear spoiler, black


• Comfort seats sewn by hand


•  Bi-Colour standard colours painted in gel coat technique


•  Rear mudguards optional in design “Shark” or design “Style”

Exhaust system 4in4

Additional headlights 6,5”
BOOM rear spoiler, black

Mudguards design “Shark” Mudguards design “Style”
High performance brake system (rear) Rear alloy rims design “Shark”,  chrome 10x15”
Main headlights design “Bullet”
Leg protection bar and luggage rack, stainless steel, Ø 60 mm
In case of additional equipment of the “Advance” version, the basic equipment is not applied.

FULL EQUIPMENT “ULTIMATE” Includes “Basic” and “Advance” equipment and additionally:
•  Pedal(s), foot rest mounting, passenger bar, luggage rack and bumper. At Family additionally passenger retaining clamp, all in polished stainless steel.


• Optional frame extension (10 cm)


•  Comfort fork Ø 76 mm, polished stainless steel,  with 2 Koni shock absorbers and internal wires


•  Touring handlebars Ø 38 mm, optional Touring handlebars wide Ø 42 mm, polished stainless steel


• Tiptronic on handlebars (automatic models)


• Design mirrors, black


• Exclusive BOOM/VDO premium instruments unit


•  Cockpit fairing with headlights or optional additional  headlights 6,5” • Jet Light System, optional main headlights design “Bullet”


• Daytime running light (integrated in bulb holder)


•  Reversing lights for stainless steel bumper  (not for Low Rider)


• High-quality Garmin navigation system (waterproof) • Alarm system


•  Racing brake system with 360 mm brake discs, red painted, for 18“ wheels or optional high performance brake system with ABS for 18“ wheels (not for Low Rider)


•  Front wheel 200/50-17 on 5,50x17 alloy rim, Shark design chrome, optional Compressor design chrome or matt black   


Rear wheels 295/30-18 on 11x18 alloy rims, Shark design chrome, optional Compressor design chrome or matt black   optional rear wheels 295/50-15 on 10x15 alloy rims,  Shark design chrome


• Liftomatic


• Seat heater front and rear (Family rear middle)


• Bi-colour special colours or standard colours optional


•  Seats in black, lateral supports in black, optional lateral supports in red or grey

Touring handlebars  Ø 38 mm

Cockpit fairing

Racing brake system Set of wheels  “Shark” design 

Rear wheels 10x15”
Set of wheels  “Shark” design  Rear wheels 11x18”
Set of wheels “compressor” design chrome
Set of wheels  “compressor” design  matt black


Jet Light System Daytime running light/ Reversing lights
Navigation system


Touring handlebars wide Ø 42 mm

Tiptronic  (automatic models)

Design mirrors BOOM/VDO premium instruments unit

Comfort fork Ø 76 mm


Stainless steel package

In case of additional equipment of the “Ultimate” version, the basic equipment is not applied.

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