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Basic Equipment

Advance Equipment




•  GRP-bodywork with big trunk  (not for Low Rider)


•  Comfort fork Ø 48 mm with 2 Koni gas-pressurised  shock absorbers


•  Colour options


• Sport seats with lateral hold, waterproof


•  Front wheel 170/60-17 on 5,00x17 alloy rim,  Compressor design, chrome


•  Rear wheels 295/50 on 10x15 alloy rims,  whole pattern design, chrome


• Modern rear alloy chassis


• Bilstein gas-pressurised shock absorbers


•  Brake and clutch1 pedal in black


•  Quick adjustment of clutch1 pedal


• Exhaust system Sport 4in1, polished stainless steel


• Dual-circuit integral brake system


• Brake booster, front and rear disc brakes


• Headlights bracket in polished stainless steel


• 2 additional headlights mounted on the fork


•  Sport Touring handlebars in polished stainless steel,  Ø 22 mm


• Hazard warning lights


•  Instruments unit with speedometer, revolution counter, trip recorder, voltmeter, water temperature    gauge, clock


• Vehicle tool kit, first-aid kit with warning triangle


• Waterproof electro-safe


• Chrome grips, chrome pedal linings


• Rearview mirror chromed


• Passenger arm rests


•  Handbrake faced with stainless steel  and stainless steel grip


• Preparation for navigation system


• 12 V socket


• ABS prepared


• Automatic brake proportioning front and rear wheels


• Steel braided brake lines


• Warning waistcoat




ADVANTAGE EQUIPMENT “ADVANCE” Includes “Basic” equipment and additionally


•  Exhaust system 4in4, polished stainless steel


•  Leg protection bar and luggage rack, polished stainless steel, Ø 60 mm


• Stabiliser (rear axle)


•  Comfort fork Ø 60 mm, polished stainless steel with 2 Koni  shock absorbers


• Main headlights, design "Bullet"


• Additional headlights 6,5“


•  High performance brake system (rear) with ventilated brake discs and big brake calipers


•  Front wheel 200/50-17 on 5,50x17 alloy rim, Shark design chrome 


•  Rear wheels 295/50-15 on 10x15 alloy rims, Shark design chrome

• Comfort seats sewn by hand

•  Rear mudguards Shark Design




FULL EQUIPMENT “ULTIMATE” Includes “Basic” and “Advance” equipment and additionally:

•  Pedal(s), foot rest mounting, passenger bar, luggage rack and bumper,

   all in polished stainless steel.


• Optional frame extension (10 cm)


•  Comfort fork Ø 76 mm, polished stainless steel,  with 2 Koni shock absorbers and internal wires


•  Touring handlebars Ø 38 mm, optional Touring handlebars wide Ø 42 mm, polished stainless steel


• Design mirrors, black


• Exclusive BOOM/VDO premium instruments unit


•  Cockpit fairing with headlights or optional additional  headlights 6,5”


• Jet Light System, optional main headlights design “Bullet”


• Daytime running light (integrated in bulb holder)


• High-quality Garmin navigation system (waterproof)


• Alarm system

•  Front wheel 200/50-17 on 5,50x17 alloy rim, Shark design chrome, optional Compressor design            chrome or matt black   


Rear wheels 295/30-18 on 11x18 alloy rims, Shark design chrome, optional Compressor design chrome or matt black   optional rear wheels 295/50-15 on 10x15 alloy rims,  Shark design chrome


• Liftomatic


• Seat heater front and rear (Family rear middle)


• Bi-colour special colours or standard colours optional


•  Seats in black, lateral supports in black, optional lateral supports in red or grey

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