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Oz Trikes

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OZ Trikes.
Since the founding of OZ TRIKES in 1997 the company has grown to be a Leader and is one of the Largest Australian Owned and Operated Trike Builders. OZ Trikes was also the 1st Australian Trike Manufacturer to receive Australian Compliance Approval, with more than 17+years experience in the design and manufacturing of Trikes in Australia.

Johann has dedicated most of his lifetime in perfecting what he believes is the absolute Best Australian Manufactured Trike in Australia.

His extensive years of experience are reflected in the pride that he puts into every one of the Trikes that is manufactured and assembled at OZ Trikes. Johann is very aware of the ever changing technologies within the industry, so he is constantly researching products and technologies to endeavor that the Trikes that leave the OZ Trikes Showroom are the most up to date Threedom Machine’s available.

Our OZ Trikes are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide superior handling, performance, and durability we also take considerable care in the design style as well as comfort for your Threedom Machine.
Our engineers have designed our OZ Trikes to eliminate stresses to the frame and to provide the optimum front to rear weight ratio. This commitment to original thinking and with our leading edge designs has resulted in developments to the suspension, which offers exceptional high-speed handling and confidence inspiring Maneuverability while riding.

All our OZ Trikes are built in-house from our premises at Somersby we are in fact UNIQUE, as we are the only Australian Trike manufacturer that does everything from the one place, from the frame to fiber-glassing, painting, all the mechanical and then to the assembly and delivery of your OZ Trike. This provides us with the means and the opportunity in offering you precision to detail in minimal time, it also allows us to control the quality that we expect of our OZ Trikes. Upgraded suspensions, long range tanks and gearing options are available for all OZ Trikes and recommended on some models. To compliment the suspension we fit premium quality wheels and tyres which are included in the costing.

OZ Trikes – Trikes also offers the most effective Trike braking system that has been tested and complies to Australian Design Rules. Our experienced team, using state-of-the-art equipment carries out all manufacturing.
An OZ Trike – Trike not only has to take the driver safely to where he wants to go, but they are designed to create emotions and a special life experience during each ride on your OZ Trike.

OZ Trikes retains the factory drive components as well as all the other components of your Trike, this makes the servicing and the maintenance of your OZ Trike / Boom Mustang uncomplicated and exceptionally convenient.

OZ Trikes should not be classed in any one category but the common theme seems to be “enjoy life with a passion” which emanates from lifestyle and what these product symbolizes

It is of utmost importance to us that our customers can identify with our products. We want to offer technically and qualitatively high-class vehicles made with great attention to detail and with a number of unique options.
In order to respond to those high demands, we produce innovative vehicles, combined with extraordinary design. It is extremely fun to ride an OZ Trike.

We are a privately owned professional organization with the determination to be the best in the industry. Our individual team members are dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction

OZ Trikes provides you with exceptional customer service to make sure your visit to us is to be a fun and enjoyable experience that it should be.
Come and visit because we give 1st class customer service with great product knowledge, it has a buzzing vibe and a great team to go with it, plus all your OZ Trikes needs, products and more all at one place OZ Trikes.

Respect, honesty, fairness and loyalty
OZ Trikes – we strive for a long-term collaboration with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our success is based on confidence and confidence is achieved by pursuing our four fundamental values: Respect, honesty, fairness and loyalty.

Boom Trikes

Too add to our remarkable range of OZ Trikes we are the Sole Agent in Australia for the extraordinary Boom Trikes.


We are sure you would have seen them on the road by now but for any reason you haven’t seen the Boom Trikes as yet, come and have a look at them in our Showroom at Somersby, you really have to see these astonishing 3 wheeled machines to appreciate them.
You will be speechless! They are a genuine “3” wheeled sports machine!

Phone: 02 4372 1100


Address: 6 Ainslie Close, SOMERSBY NSW 225

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