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Mustang Overview


Every service appointment comes with a complementary check of your vehicle for normal wear-and-tear issues. The Trikes UK Ltd service team is always available to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our Battery Test will make sure your vehicle is running optimally. We promise to treat your vehicle with the care it deserves.

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With its 4 different selectable engines, the Mustang ushers a new era in the trike sector. Not only thanks to the compactness, mobility and driving agility but also due to the extremely comfortable seating position and the extraordinary design, the Mustang is the trike everyone is talking about. Meanwhile, the Mustang is the best-selling trike of the BOOM product range and it is also available as 3-seater. Because of the deep and secure seating position, the co-driver is sitting well-protected behind the driver and is at the same time able to glance over him. On request, the seats can be bolstered up free of charge for smaller passengers in order to allow them to have the same good view despite of the low seat position. Since model year 2016, the Mustang disposes of a standard convenient trunk with 240l storage space. As short version: available for drivers with a body height of approx. 160 cm to approx. 180 cm. As long version: for drivers with a body height starting from 180 cm, a frame extension is recommended.

Besides the Fighter automatic, the New Highway is our latest model, based on the framework and the chassis of the approved Mustang.


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