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New Highway Overview


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New Highway

Besides the Fighter automatic, the New Highway is our latest model, based on the framework and the chassis of the approved Mustang.

What characterizes the New Highway compared to other models of the BOOM product range?

The first eye-catcher is without doubt the back part of the caroche which resembles to the original caroche. It´s visibly more curved than on a Mustang and its forms altogether are rounder. The co-driver is fully integrated in the caroche and also sleeping kids are completely safe even when you drive in a sporty way.

The rear trunk is, different to the Mustang, obscured by a rear skirt and a rear cover.

The rear end appears round like the rest of the vehicle and integrates itself harmonically to the design. The trunk volume is about 170 l.

Like his big brother, the Mustang, the New Highway is available in short and long version. The short version is for drivers with a body height of 1,60 m - 1,80 m. The long version can easily be driven even by a tall man of 1,80 m.

Thanks to the round forms the vehicle appears very compact and delicate which makes him the star especially among all our female customers.

Altogether, the New Highway is a compact and agile all-rounder you can use for a  ride to the next coffee shop as well as for a 10.000 km tour to the North Cape with 2 persons and a lot of luggage.


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