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Business Opportunities 

Gold Business           Boom Trike Dealership

Investment from £80,000

Go for Gold and enhance your business

Minimum purchase 3 Boom Trikes

 Silver Business           Boom Trike Self Drive Hire

Investment from £50,000

Go for Silver and start new business


This is currently an exclusive business only available via Trikes UK Ltd. We are the only company in the UK offering this service.

Minimum purchase 2 Boom Trikes

Full comprehensive Insurance circa £1,100 per trike for 1 year

RAC break down circa £110 per trike for 1 year.

Bronze Business           Boom Trike Tour's

Investment from £30,000

Go for Bronze and start new business

Minimum purchase 1 Boom Family Mustang

Registration of trike as a private hire vehicle,

dependent on your local council, this process

can take upto 7 months.

This is for pre booked tours.

Registration as Taxi also available, but again dependant on local council.

This process last time took 3 months.

Chauffeur or taxi licence required.

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